Our Services

Ship Management

Daryakhush Ship management was formed to meet the needs of today's ship operators. Our dynamic and qualified staff rendering what our customers' require, with utmost performance and perfection. We provide high-quality, safe, flexible and efficient services on shore and at sea. Our experienced ship management team promises excellence and dedication in custom-made agreements for our clients. We maintain the quality and customer satisfaction level on the highest side with minimum possible cost.

Daryakhush ship management is capable of meeting all transportation needs with its large fleet, which surely holds the appropriate vessel for target market segments or individual demand.

Managing risk and focusing on results- Our commercial strategy employs a combination of spot and time charters to capture upside opportunities and mitigate downside risks. take challenges as we aspire to provide them with consistently excellent and reliable customer service.


Chartering department is acting in highly competitive environment by providing simultaneously professional chartering and post fixture service to charterers, owners and traders.

The main activity in the international market is maintaining powerful chartering and brokering, and aiming to fix the most competitive rates. Taking the advantages of latest IT tools, enables the company to keep contact with owners, charterers and brokers and update the information gathered from the current market trends and future market movements. Our chartering activities are not restricted to any particular size or area of operations but tailored to our clients' individual needs.

Through a reliable and well established network of overseas brokers and many affiliates in major maritime centers, we are able to keep our principals well-advised with the latest and continuous developments of the worldwide chartering market which enables us to keep up with their high standards and requirements promptly and most economically.

Ship Agency

In addition to above services, agency department is able to supply all sorts of spare parts and provisions, with suitable below the market levels.
The company is delivering professional agency services with expertise reputation for handling vessels of all types in all ports of previously mentioned countries. The agency department, as an independent service division, provides the clients with its cost-effective services through customers’ minimal requirements.

We are well trained in handling all types of marine vessels works around the clock in order to provide the most efficient and cost competitive services. Crew change, delivery of spare parts, repairs and maintenance, certifications by class societies, surveys are just few of services can be arranged by experienced agency officers of Daryakhush ship management.

Technical Management

Our technical department takes care of all vessels under our management plus other vessels of client companies. We always use highest technology tools to sustain efficient management and control. Moreover, Technical Department attaches great importance to the environment and safety.

Our skilled technical teams monitor vessel performance and condition though regular reporting from the ships and detailed on-board inspections. The most up-to-date management systems ensure efficient management and control. Technical Department attaches great importance to the environment and safety.
Technical department bases its activities on close teamwork with its clients and partners, as well as holds close professional contact with external authorities and flag states.

Ship Construction

The company's mission based on providing ships and facilities that are safe, environment-friendly, economical and convenient, the company is able to satisfy any and all customer demands for quality. Daryakhush ship management has obtained fast working and best quality offering principles of modern construction with latest technology.

All parts used in construction and maintenance are being chosen from internationally certified and reliable dealers. As always the company tries to focus on efficiency of vessels to bring new profitable dimensions to business of clients. We act as an owner’s representative during any phase of the ship building process, as well as during ship upgrades and conversions. As an owner’s representative, we utilize its experienced expertise to approve plans, solicit competitive bids, arrange schedules, oversee purchasing processes, and supervise employees, contractors, and sub-contractors throughout the process.

Crew Management

Daryakhush Ship Management can provide ongoing crew management services for entire crews or specific nationalities or departments depending on the requirements of the vessels and maritime industry employers. our mission is to provide high standard quality of crew to principle owners in the global scenario and to reach to the maximum Ship owners / Management throughout the world. We provide quality crew to our customers so that they can concentrate on other aspects of ship operation with ease.

Our crew management teams, based globally, have over the years gained a wealth of experience in coordinating marine crew on behalf many shipping company employers operating all kinds of ships worldwide.

Operating within crucial geographical regions enables Daryakhush Ship Management to provide a multitude of crew management services including:

  • Marine Recruitment
  • Crew scheduling
  • Arranging crew travel and visas
  • Arranging marine training
  • Arranging marine medicals
  • Managing crew on/off signers
  • Managing seafarer documentation
  • Offshore Payroll
  • Management reporting
  • Local agency representation for marine crew


Our rig moving division is best in Istanbul comprising a team of competent Master Mariners. Our team is experienced in all facets of towing and positioning jack-up and semi-submersible rigs in shallow and deep water operations, both in Australia and internationally.

Our complete rig moving service includes provision of full rig moving crews (MO Part 47), rig move planning, procedures and reporting.

We also arrange for rig personals to attend latest training arrangements through local institutes, as per Owners requirement as per required safety standards.

  • Rig Manager
  • Medical Officer
  • Safety Officer
  • Tour Pusher
  • Pumpman
  • Mechanical Engineer

Other Services

Daryakhush Ship Management has professional team who give technical advice to ship-owners to minimize the extra cost; they also provide dry docking facility under their supervision any convenient port which control ship owner’s budget.

  • Recruitment and performance appraisal of all required ranks.
  • Travel arrangements for joining and repatriation
  • Personnel certificate monitoring
  • Medical fitness testing and drug and alcohol policy implementation and monitoring
  • Crew PandI insurance cover and claims handling
  • Supply of uniform and working gear
  • Monitoring crew performance and morale